Michael Robb Mathias has made a name writing epic fantasy
novels under the pen name M. R. Mathias.  Amazon, and
Barnes & Noble bestsellers such as:
The Sword and the Dragon  &  The Royal Dragoneers
have taken on a life of their own
as masterworks in the fantasy genre.
Michael's newest release:
The Butcher's Boy, however is
not a fantasy. It is a terrifying Paranormal / Chiller.  
The Butcher's Boy is a ghost story like no other.
You might think you know what is coming,
    but you are wrong... DEAD
!!!                                         Michael Robb
Michael Robb Mathias
What happens when a newly
divorced mother, her eleven year
old son, and their overprotective
Rottweiler move into a house that
is haunted by the victims of a long
ago grisly murder? Can young
Michael fight through the madness
and terror to figure out what
happened so long ago? If he does,
maybe the tormented souls can be
put to rest. If he fails, he just might
become one of them.
With only the help of his
babysitter, a burned out house
painter, and his dog Lucy Fur,
Michael is about to try. The
problem is, not everyone is who
they seem,
even the dead.
The Butcher's Boy
The Butcher's Boy
Michael Robb Mathias
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