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Book Five - Trigon Daze is
Trigon Daze
In a piece of the Mirror of Portent, Vanx Malic
sees the forces of the mysterious Trigon
destroying Parydon Isle. This strange new
enemy, with ensorcelled fighters, dragon riding
wizards, and a nearly perfect battle plan, find little
resistance in this future vision. After sending
Gallarael to warn her brother, the Crown Prince
of Parydon, about the invasion, Vanx sees the
Trigon attacking his homeland, in the mirror.
Deep inside he knows he has to go warn them.

Forced to torture information out of the cocooned
Hoarwitch, Vanx learns how to free the gargan
outcast, Chelda from the Underland binding that
keeps her trapped in the Shadowmane. He also
learns how to transport his crew of treacherous
friends to Zyth.

Together Vanx and his dog familiar, Sir
Poopsalot, Thorn, Chelda Flar and her elven
lover, Moonsey, along with Gallarael, Prince
Russet and a host of others, give all they have to
keep the Trigon from destroying the Heart Tree.

Soon they learn that there is another, even more
potent, force that drives the Trigon. This force is
known as the Paragon Dracus, and stopping it
just might prove to be impossible.

Even still, Vanx Malic is going to try, Join him in
this, non stop, action and adventure fantasy that
you wont be able to put down.
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Author, M.R.Mathias
Book Six
Paragon Dracus